Fornication Is Its Name


When we first met, I instinctively knew we shouldn’t be;

You see that still, small voice kept speaking to me.

Ever since accepting Jesus Christ and learning His Word,

I’ve gained insight into where the world has erred.


But I get lustful and my flesh starts to rebel,

And I just follow the path that leads to hell.

Don’t blink an eye, or think too hard;

Just sit still and hear what I have to impart.


It’s really that simple and not hard to digest;

All I had to do was surrender and enter His rest.

Didn’t have to go through what I knew was wrong;

Didn’t even have to create this drawn-out song.


As time went on and his personality was revealed,

I prayed to the Lord and asked to be healed.

Again, I heard that still, small voice in the night

Whispering to me, “Why did you ignore My insight?”


Making the same mistakes over and over again;

Receiving the same results that never seem to end.

The reason being, whenever I “silence” His voice within,

My flesh takes over and leads always to more sin.


I tried several times to remember what I was shown,

Because as time went on, the man left me and I was alone.

It’s not easy to entertain sin and just ask it to leave;

It leaves behind a mess – I would call it a disease.


But even though I ignored the Holy Spirit’s voice,

I knew deep down inside that I wasn’t totally lost.

As long as I repented and returned to His counsel,

I could do anything, I could overcome any mountain.


So even though I repented and returned to the Lord,

The sin did its work and certain things I could not avoid;

Like the longing for this man who belonged to another;

I never should’ve had him – I never should’ve tasted that brother.


Now I’ve entangled my spirit with his, and created this mess.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this was one of God’s tests.

If it was, I failed miserably, and just cried myself to sleep at night;

Crying out to the Lord to “please make things right!”


So when the penalty of sin has to be paid,

Don’t cry and murmur and become enraged.

Yes, Jesus died for our sins, but we have to bear the fruit thereof;

And the only way to do it is with Jesus’ mercy and love.


You did it to yourself – you made a choice.

You chose to silence the Holy Spirit’s voice.

He will humble the proud and lift the humble,

To give us light and burn the chaff with the rubble.


So my final conclusion is this, I’m back where I started,

Fornication is its name, and it hasn’t departed.

It continues to tug at my flesh and my mind;

But you know what is different this time …



Written by:  Leslie Cook for our youth