What Christ’s Birth Means To The Child Uncertain?


As children they wonder why people are so cruel, 

The kids on the playground and the kids at school.

We are born inquisitive asking a lot of questions,

Yet pushed aside with no suggestions.

Elders not always what they should’ve been.

So we picked up bad habits from watching them.

As we get older our carnal desires take on their own form.

And certain behaviors became the norm.

Spiritual children, but with little understanding,

With compassion for others, and not demanding.

Then our territory increases and we experience life,

Hardships, relationships, abuse and strife.

Oh but thank God for that child born in a manger,

Giving hope to those innocent children in danger.

Oh, but thank God for the Birth of Christ.

If it wasn’t for Him we wouldn’t have life.

We didn’t know we were in the devil’s kingdom.

And that what Christ provided was liberty and freedom.

As our eyes were opened to the deceits of the enemy,

Images from our past repeated in our memory.

And guilt kicked in, condemnation and strife.

We learned of His forgiveness, and that sin had a price.

So even though many years seem wasted,

And there were things we never should’ve tasted.

The opposite can be said of our walk with Christ. 

For His love will only uplift and bring eternal life.

We are not alone in this walk as His bride.

The angelic host is always by our side.

And when we wander away from the path,

And the devil thinks he has us and starts to laugh.

Know in your heart that too will be used,

Through praise and worship the enemy will be confused.

Those in the kingdom of darkness who are lost forever,

Don’t understand that the Godhead will always endeavor.

That the image of God will prevail in us,

To destroy and bring under subjection our lusts.

And no matter what we did He will use it for His glory.

His kingdom in our lives will tell the world our story.

So you ask “What does the Birth of Christ mean”?

I am redeemed!  I am Redeemed!